Aliens and stargates online dating

As with other MMORPG's pets, some will excel at range combat or melee combat, and other pets can heal, buff, or do other things for their master.Specialization Trees The Jaffa will be powerful and strong fighters, just as with the show.

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Minions will include Jaffa and possibly human servants. They can also specialize in Ashrak technologies, such as phase cloaking, allowing them to become masters of stealthy attacks.

As with the Asgard, it might be possible to call in their Ha'tak motherships to bombard the enemy as a special attack.

This is purely for aesthetics, and will not be able to take over other players or the Unas race.

The minions available to the Goa'uld will essentially be the pets of Stargate Worlds.

Each archetype will have three specialization trees to mix and match skills from. This starting area will also give the players a backstory that comes from the 10 seasons of Stargate SG1.