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boat's 1,224 separate components included cedarwood planking and oars, ropes of halfa grass, wooden dowels and battens, and copper staples.

Its near-perfect preservation allowed conservators to reconstruct the 144-foot-long craft, which is now housed in a white museum built over the pit where it was found.

These boats were made of bundles of bound papyrus reeds. The Egyptians had a hard time making and sailing boats. Building and sailing for the Egyptians wasn't always easy. Rowing a boat was a hard job because the boats were so big and heavy.

There were many types of boats that Egyptians used. It was also a hard job because the oars the Egyptians steered with were very heavy. Making a boat was a very long and hard job because the boats were big.

Khufu's barge measured 150 feet from long beam to stern.