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Some of Vienna's finest buildings lay in ruins after the battle.

There was no water, electricity, or gas and bands of people, both foreigners and Austrians, plundered and assaulted the hapless residents in the absence of a police force.

Interior of the proposed Palace of the Soviets: One of the proposals for the Commissariat of Heavy Industry: My personal favourite, a proposal for teh Commissariat of Heavy Industry: Lest we forget the famous Moscow Subway: __________________ In human society, the political is the encompassing structuring principle, so that every neutralization of partial content as 'non-political' is political gesture par excellence -Slavoj iek Well, Im afraid I must say that I hate the general concept of "Soviet architecture" or Socialist architecture.

My country has introduced this architectural style in State housing ventures.

The failures of socialist planning, and architecture are well known, disproportionate to their successes imo.