Ninomiya kazunari and asami mizukawa are dating

ninomiya kazunari and asami mizukawa are dating-21

In the spring of 2014, Nakajima was announced as part of the big-cast drama series Yowakutemo Katemasu starring his agency's senior and Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari.

That summer became another big break for Nakajima as he got his first starring drama role in Suikyu Yankees. Nakajima started 2015 with a hit romantic comedy drama Date starring Watanabe Anne and Hasegawa Hiroki.

), PG-13Keys, PG At Kanda, PG-13Deadlock, PG-13Happy Pills, RThe Deathly Hallows, PGWho Needs Mistletoe?

, PGIt’s Best To Be Thorough, PG-13Parked, NC-17Invitation to the Pants Party, PG-13The Third Man, RThe Dawn Shard, PG-13Taped Up, NC-17All Good Things, PGThe One Less Traveled, PG-13Company Man, PG-13Draw Something, PGShine Around Me (Like A Million Suns), RLet Me Be The One To Say Goodbye, NC-17Get Yourself Arrested, PG-13417519, PG-13We Are The Mountain Boys, PG-13Show Your Real Face To Me, NC-17Happy Families Are All Alike, RThe Apartment, RWalking Toward What’s Beyond Today, RThe Gentleman Acquisitors, PG (with Sakuraiba friendship)Couple Jewelry, RBump Set Spike It, That’s The Way We Like It, PGIt Makes The World Go Round, NC-17Empty Mansions, PGHide and Seek, RJFK-NRT, PG-13Second Time Around, NC-17 (with Matsumiya, Juntoshi, Ohmiya)Even The Smallest Light, RPass Da Mic, Pass Da Pen, RHow Far I've Walked With You, NC-17Trompe L'Oeil, NC-17The Happy Fairy Princess Cafe, PGJUN/NINOMultitasking, RBased on True Events, PGDork Side of the Moon, PG-13New to the Industry, NC-17Please Drink Responsibly, with Aiba/Becky, RParadise Circus, with Aiba/Kanjiya Shihori, RSHO/AIBAArriving on a Jet Plane, PGThe Plan, PG-13SHO/NINOExecutive Assistant 1, NC-17Executive Assistant 2, NC-17Executive Assistant 3, NC-17The Joy of Xerox, PGExecutive Assistant 4, RThe Life and Death of Samuel Selwyn, R Be True To Your School, PG-13Hands on a Hard Body, RI Would Become A Constellation (To Be Next To You), NC-17SHO/OHNOYour Majesty, NC-17Run Amok, PG-13 (Yama UST mostly)Separated From The Stars, RJUN/OHNOCarry On, PG-13AIBA/JUNHeaven Sent, PG-13Smells Like Team Spirit, NC-17 (with Nino/Jun)Be Authentically You, NC-1750 Notes To Say I'm Sorry, NC-17OHNO/NINOAsterisk, NC-17Fang Banger, NC-17Worrywart, PGBloodline, NC-17NINO/AIBABlowjobs – It’s Super Natural!

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