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Yes those are pumpkins,' Kevin tweeted while sharing a snapshot of an an intricately-designed dragon featuring horns, scales, and fire breathing from its mouth. Another one of his photos sees a witch reading a book, and he joked: 'I am not even gonna try to compete.While sharing a close-up of the dragon, Kevin encouraged other Twitter users to appreciate the skill needed to create such an elaborate design out of pumpkins. Neighbors win the pumpkin carving.''I mean dang,' he tweeted when sharing a photo of a stunning Mexican Day of the Dead scene featuring a colorful skull and a woman wearing a flowy dress and a skeleton mask.

Kevin, who is currently on a book tour promoting his new book, A Plague of Giants, later returned to Twitter to comment on the amount of likes and retweets his post received.'10k retweets for a pic I took of pumpkins.

Random House never told me pumpkin carving was the secret to social media,' he wrote.

The price of all TV receivers may change according to the combination of Cogeco services and the TV package of the client.

A minimal subscription to the Basic Channels is required to access to other TV packages.

Limited to new customers or those who have disconnected their service for more than 6 months.