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Mountaineer Prem Kumar Singh wrote on Facebook that Rozov was an “absolute legend, pushing your limits every single time.”“I had the privilege of sharing a mountain with you in 2013 when you and I were both on Mount Everest trying to set a new high on our careers,” he wrote.“May you fly higher and stronger in your afterlife.”Another post remembered Rozov as “one of the greatest dreamers,” who mastered alpine climbing, extreme weather and logistics to accomplish each of his feats.“He took the art of wingsuit into the thin air and will be deeply missed, as a humble, gentle, funny Russian guy,” the post read.

Among the willing victims is an attractive blonde who smiles at the camera. A medical receptionist is told that the 'married doctor' will never leave his wife while an actual doctor is called a fake and it's suggested he just dresses up like one so he can put his finger up 'people's bottoms'.

Roasting has taken off in recent years; a Facebook group that encourages people to abuse the selfies of others has attracted a huge online following.

Alongside the images - largely very ordinary selfies - are captions such as: 'Do your worst', 'make me cry' and 'destroy me'.

When the comments do flood in, they range from mildly offensive to downright vicious. Elsewhere, there's a perfectly nice photo of a young blonde lady, which is slapped down with: 'We're here to roast people, not potatoes.' It isn't just looks that are slated by the sharp-tongued critics, any morsel of information is picked up on and spat out as an insult.

After a four-day climb to the jumping location, he leapt from Changstse, a peak of Mount Everest, at an altitude of 23,687 feet. He flew for almost a full minute at speeds of about 125 mph and landed safely on a glacier.“Only when I got back home did I see how hard it was for me both physically and psychologically,” Rozov said afterward, Red Bull wrote in a blog post. 5, 2016, he broke his own record, leaping from a height of 25,262 feet on Mount Cho Oyu on the border between China and Nepal.