Sex pistols website

Sex Pistols fragrance is inspired by anarchy and chaos, as the ideologies of the bend that made a revolution in UK in the 70s, spreading to the international music scene.

Therefore, this perfume tends to be a "revolution in a bottle." Fresh lemon bites you early in the compositions, sharpened by the defiant black pepper.

I did think the notes looked like a weird mishmash but have had compliments on it. There's a great fruity peppery citrus opening, with some prune thrown in.

Doesn't last long though and I definitely prefer La Fin Du Monde, it lasts ages! And then you get a rather sharp peppery, woody (iso-E super?

Bought it because it was on sale, not sure I'd recommend for other than novelty factor. Picked this up today and I'm not a fan (of the perfume or the Pistols! Was intrigued by the smell from the reviews but this is really not 'me'.