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The reality TV star also announced to her fans and haters that she gets engaged and plans to wed boyfriend Jionni La Valle.

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A year removed from coaching at the University of Minnesota has not diminished J Robinson's frustration and disappointment over the way his 30-year Hall of Fame career as the school's wrestling coach ended.– Room 106 in Johnson Hall looks like any other college dorm room.

There’s a twin bed with thin mattress, papers strewn across a desk, a mini fridge with a microwave resting on top and an oscillating fan struggling to keep the place cool.

The room’s occupant is 71 years old with a laundry list of physical ailments. Yet J Robinson plans to spend roughly 20 nights in July in this dorm on the University of Wisconsin-River Falls campus surrounded by kids at his wrestling camp.

He's pretty quiet." Her close pals, on the other hand, were immediately enthusiastic–especially when they compared him to Polizzi's opportunistic ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella, who sources say was using her to get famous. Polizzi's beau once considered a career in teaching and has coached a high school wrestling team–so it's no wonder that Polizzi believes he'll be a great dad down the road.