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Alliance Data, which provides marketing solutions to various corporate clients, offers stock-matching options, the ability to work from home, college tuition reimbursement programs and on-site health screenings at its 55 offices across the country.

“My site is highly diversified, between Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans and Anglos,” says senior director of operations Bev Mc Millan, who has been with the company for 27 years.

Established in 1945, the Urban League of Portland is one of the oldest African American service, civil rights and advocacy organizations in the area.

Company Type: Public Year Founded: 1972Revenue: $723.5 million Website: Number of Employees: 1,334Total Number of African-American Employees: 570Percent of African-Americans in the Company: 43%Upon accepting a full-time job at this cloud-based money management firm, employees are flown to Ultimate Software’s headquarters in Weston, Fla., for a two-day training.

New hires are also given stock units, which they can access after reaching certain career achievements.

Industry: Advertising & Marketing Industry Sector: Direct Marketing HQ Location: Plano, Texas Company Type: Public Year Founded: 1996Revenue: $3.3 billion Website: Number of U. Employees: 12,223Total Number of African-American Employees: 1,423Percent of African-Americans in the Company: 14%Navy Federal, which has 252 outposts nationwide that cater to military personnel and their families, offers its employees performance-based bonuses, and both full- and part-time employees are eligible to receive benefits and retirement packages.

Health screenings are available at on-site wellness centers, and team members can receive subsidized gym memberships.

“I think Navy Federal differs in that it’s an organization that has been accessible to a variety of different cultures for quite some time,” said Tammie Wiley, assistant vice president of financial systems and who has been with the company for 29 years.